Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Paedophile Party win again

There is a saying, that you get the Politicians/Leaders you deserve.

Yesterday, in South Yorkshire, just 15% of those adults eligible to vote did so for their new PCC. Remember,  the reason they're voting is because the last PCC quit after the revelations of over 1400 girls being raped & abused by (mainly) gangs of Pakistani Muslim Men for at least the last 12yrs . Without doubt, the Labour Party was at the heart of the failure to protect these girls and yet yesterday, another Labour PCC was voted in with a 50% majority share.
Of the 15% who voted: 3.5% did so at a Polling station, 11.5% by post. (Now in areas that are traditionally Labour, with high immigrant populations, postal vote rigging is usually rife, but that's another story!).
 So, after 1400 of your daughters, sisters, nieces, were raped and abused, only 3.5% bothered to go out and vote?
The adults of South Yorkshire maybe fucking Cunts, but I doubt the 11,12,13yr old girls are..........


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