Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Warning: Having a negative opinion of Homosexuality is 'deeply offensive'

Oh great!!

Even if the Tories win, it looks like your right to politely express an opinion which others disagree with will be considered 'offensive' & will probably be illegal or some sort of 'hate crime'....... Political correctness still going mad!!

I agree & disagree with some of what Philip Lardner said, but it's certainly not offensive*.

  Insulting, disgusting, aggressive, impolite, improper.......

Admittedly, some people will find his comments offensive, but lets face it, no matter what you say about anything, someone will find it offensive.

Are the poofs & poofettes not offended or patronised by this kind of response, everytime someone expresses a dislike of homosexuality?!.....

At this rate it's not the Chinese that we need to worry about ruling the world, it's the 'gayers'......

Horror films latest.....

Better quality trailer...... looks even more awesome!!

The director of Predators, Nimrod Antal, directed Kontroll which is on Film Four tonight. I highly recommend you see it!!

Latest from Nightmare on Elm Street...... not long now!!

Latest rumblings on the Alien prequel are that it could be in 2 parts. Apparently, it will focus on the 'Space Jockey' from Alien and will be about how the 'SJ' ended up meeting the Aliens.......

Monday, 26 April 2010

I fucking give up..........


Even though I was born and have lived in this country for over 30 years (& I've been through MOD security checks and been fully cleared to work Security for the MOD & Govt.), I've had to jump through hoops to apply for my passport. All because a member of my family was born in a foreign country (in a British Military Hospital!!).
 Now, I'm being told I can't have a passport unless I provide evidence that I live in the place that I've lived in for the last 2 years, because Postman fucking Pat says my address doesn't exsist!!
Then, I check my bank account today and they've taken the fucking money out for the passport already, even though I've yet to send them my evidence!!
AND then, a friend (who is not of this country) told me today that they can now apply for 'British Citizenship' cause they've lived here for just over 5 years......

It seems as though, if you're foreign & want to come into this country it's fucking easy, but if you're British and you want to leave.......

Soooo, from tomorrow I'll be known as Pawel Bin Okawunde from Somalia...... should have my passport by the end of the week........


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Elvis - just as dead as Labour..... Gordon Brown's attempt at irony?.....

Alternative post title:  One King turns up to support another........ (f-King wanker, that is)

So Elvis turned up at a Labour thing......

Not sure what was exactly on the play list, but Suspicious Minds would've been a good choice......

We're caught in a trap - I'm unemployed and on benefits
I can't walk out - cause living on benefits is better than working
Because I love you too much baby - benefits

Why can't you see - cause you've only got 1 eye?
What you're doing to me - turning me & my generation into welfare junkies
When you don't believe a word I say? - when I keep sending back you're leaflets, telling you you're shit

We can't go on together - cause you're ruining my country
With suspicious minds - I don't fucking trust ANY of you MPs, especially Labour ones
And we can't build our dreams - cause we're skint & strangled by red tape
On suspicious minds - again, I don't fucking trust you!

So, if an old friend I know - the Tories
Drops by to say hello - I may just (tactically) vote for them!!
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes? - Probably, they're just as bent as you!!

Here we go again - Election time!
Asking where I've been - NO, but you've been telling me how wonderful things have been in the last 13years!
You can't see these tears are real - cause you won't accept you've fucked us all over
I'm crying - that's right! 13 yrs of your shit have brought me to tears


Oh let our love survive - errr, no thanks! Let our love go into an NHS hospital and die from MRSA, cause the Muslim nurse refused to follow procedures cause her religion is more important than anyone's life.....
Or dry the tears from your eyes - No don't!! I want to see you crying when you finish 3rd.....
Let's don't let a good thing die - but this wasn't a good thing, so please let it fucking die!!

When honey, you know - yeah, go on I'm listening.....
I've never lied to you - YOU FUCKING WHAT!??!
mmm, yeah...... - exactly......

Apologies to the King!

Gordon Brown is a good boy......

Is it just me, or does it look like a young Gordon Brown on the left?...........

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Health & Safety warning........

For those of you that haven't worked it out.......

At times I can be a c**t.
Normally it's because someone has done something to piss me off.
If I'm being a c**t to you, it's because you've done something to piss me off, usually something simple.

 if you want to be a c**t to me, that's okay, especially if I've done something to piss you off. It's only fair....
But, if you want to be a c**t to me, cause I'm being a c**t to you, because of something you did to piss me off, well then....... it's open season on you I'm afraid.....
........ and I'm very good at playing the long game.

I will literally wait years for the right moment to fuck you over.......

That's all folks!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Icelandic Volcano Party

Vote For;
The Icelandic Volcano Party

We've done more to stop immigration in the last week, then Labour have done in the last 13 years.

Thanks to Mr Turner!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Labour's Jo Brand beer mats.......

Many bloggers are quite rightly pointing out the bare-faced hypocrisy of Labour using beer mats to drum up support, but I think these beer mats are brilliant and Jo Brand's face should be on all beer mats!


.....because when you start looking at your beer mat and thinking 'she looks a bit of alright', you'll know you've had enough to drink.


Today's Countdown Conundrum......

Acapulco Gold or some Blueberry?

Do I burn a whole Henry?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New Labour poster...

I've designed another poster for Labour....

Old people are very funny!!

Just been for a walk around sunny Lanson and as I was walking through the Castle grounds I overheard 3 old dears talking;

1st says " Isn't it nice to see all these people out enjoying the sunshine, having picnics and that "

2nd says " Yeah "

3rd says " Yeah....... shame they all look scruffy though "

I was going to explain that they're called chavs, but I was too busy laughing my ass off!!

picture from here

Monday, 12 April 2010

More evidence of Labour's idea of equality......

Just last week, former Nurse Shirley Chaplin, lost her case for discrimination against Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Her claim came after she was asked to remove a crucifix from around her neck by her bosses, who claimed that it was a Health & Safety risk - both to herself and patients. She had worn this crucifix for over 30 years and not once had any problems with it. She even offered to sign a disclaimer, stating that she would wear it at her own risk, but bosses claimed that still didn't protect the patients. When she still refused to hide it and when she complained to more senior managers, she was put on a desk job. She then claimed religious discrimination.
Now, I could go into the arguments about the validity of her claim and the options she was offered, but that's for another day.......
The fact is; she was asked to remove the crucifix, which she refused to do due to her strict religious (Christian) beliefs, becuase of Health & Safety concerns. These concerns were:

A Patient may grab the crucifix and strangle her
A Patient may grab the crucifix and scratch/cut themselves which could lead to an infection.

Then, just 4 days later we have this;

Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed to opt out of strict hygiene rules introduced by the NHS to restrict the spread of hospital superbugs.

The Govt. & NHS have (understandably) been looking into how to reduce the number of patients who were falling ill, and even dying, from superbugs such as MRSA. They concluded that the most effective way was to have everyone wearing short sleeves and no jewellery and to have a 'clean hands' policy. In other words, washing and scrubbing your hands & forearms after treating each patient. But, Muslim female health workers complained about being forced to expose their arms. So, the rules have been rewritten to allow them to still wear long sleeves, (also Sikhs are allowed to still wear bangles).

MRSA Action UK, have rasied concerns over these changes and a spokesman for the Department of Health responded by saying:
                                   "The (new) guidance is intended to provide direction to services in how they can
                         balance infection control measures with cultural beliefs without compromising patient safety."

which is a fair comment until you read about Shirley Chaplin and then ask yourself....

"How many people have died due to strangulation from a crucifix or from scratching themselves on a crucifix in a hospital?"


"How many people have died from MRSA?"

I can answer the second question.....

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

For the sake of fuck......

Businesses succeed or fail for various reasons and one of the main ones is customer service. If the service is crap then people will go elsewhere, even if it costs more. (I get my gas & electric from E-on, even though they're more expensive than British Gas because BG's service is absolute shite, whereas E-on's service is excellent). That's why we don't need laws to dictate who businesses can and can't deal with. If a business decides it doesn't want to deal with pooftas that's fine, they will have to deal with the consequences of the loss of business from the shirt lifting community and the reputation they will get from such a stance. Just the same as a business which markets itself as catering for 'gays' only, will have to deal with the potential loss of business from the 'straights'.


Let people decide with their own conscience/beliefs......... and wallets or purses!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Tony Blair........

........ is a tango-ed, slimy, lying, warmongering/profiteering,

'oooh look at me saving the Labour party as well as the Middle East',

doesn't give a fuck about the recession he caused 'cause he makes £20m a year cock-waffling  at la-de-da functions,

George Bush's Poodle CUNT.



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