Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I'm never going to be able to retire!!!

So Labour's our national debt stands at over 700billion (nearly a 20% increase in the last year!) and is heading towards 1trillion. And yet, Mr Brown announced yesterday lots of great things that Labour are going to do for us - all of which will cost MORE money - but without making any cuts to 'frontline' services and there was no mention of increasing taxes(?). Also, during his speech he made a big deal of how Labour were right to spend their way out of the recession...... It seems as though Mr Brown believes that the economy will recover in a few years and once everyone is back in work and spending their wages again, then the Govt. will be able to pay off their our debt with all our their tax money.

Now, I've been thinking......

The current 'generation' are up to their eyeballs in personal debt (mortgages, credit cards, etc...) and so many people (hopefully) have learnt their lesson and will not be returning to the 'consumerism' of before and will use their wages to pay off their debts and start saving up (for the next recession!!). So, the economy may well pick up, but it will be very slowly. So that means it's upto the next generation to pay off the debt......

(Much to the annoyance of my ex-wife) I often think about the future and alot about my Daughter's future. Mostly, I think about her education. During Mr Brown's speech yesterday he mentioned how Labour have now made sure that all kids will stay in some form of education until they're 18. Also, they are getting more & more to go to university. This potentially means that my daughter will be in fulltime education until she is in her mid twenties. Also, more than likely, she will leave university upto her eyeballs in debt from student loans. So, she'll probably be paying off her student debts for the rest of her twenties and then she'll want to buy a house and stuff when she's in her thirties, which means she won't be spending alot of money...... which will not help the economy, which will not help reduce our national debt.

But, most importantly, she will not be able to pay for my retirement home and mental health care!!

So, how are we going to pay off this debt? Simple - No-one is allowed to retire!!!

Friday, 25 September 2009

The inside story of......... Hypocrisy?

So today 'NO EXPENSES SPARED', the inside story of the MPs expenses row is published. And, it is revealed that the reasons behind the leak were anger over the treatment of our troops in Iraq/Afghanistan.
I suppose that this 'moral outrage' was a good a reason as any to have leaked the documents to the Telegraph, so it would go without saying then, that the authors of this book (the Daily Telegraph's Deputy Political Editor, Robert Winnett and Chief Reporter Gordon Rayner) will be donating all thier royalties to Charities that help our Forces.....

Wouldn't it?.......

Check out my review of the book, before Amazon remove it!!

Help for Heroes            RBL Poppy Appeal

Thursday, 24 September 2009

E(u)asy Money......

picture from

So every year the Govt. hand over a shed load (£4billion in 2007) of 'our' tax money to the EU. Some of this money goes towards 'grants' which are given to 'worthy' groups/causes... Want to know what some of these worthy groups/causes are?


£21 million goes to Ecotec Research & Consulting Ltd who do stuff like this

£24million goes to Bolivia (last time I looked that was in South America, not Europe!) for "Cooperation with developing countries in Latin America"

£20million goes to The World Bank (in the fecking US!) for "Cooperation with developing countries in (fucking) Asia"

£23million goes to Thales Avionics for 'Research'. I used to work at Thales, amongst other things, they build stuff for the military.....


£981,000 goes to Denmark for this - Denmark, part of the Med?!

£31,000 goes to Czech Republic, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency for "Czechoslovak Political Prisoners: Oral Histories of Victims of Stalinism"

Seems as though you can get a grant for doing any old shite and the Spanish have certainly got it all worked out.....

£21,000 to Spain, for.... wait for it..... "Translation of 7 books into Spanish"
£19,000 to Spain, Nuclear action of the Joint Research Centre for.... (I shit you not!) "review of a collection of paper"

I've decided I'm gonna ride this Cash Cow and so I've set up the following group:

The Associated Kibosh Evolutionary, Transexual Haberdashers Executive's, Participation In Socialist Secularism or (for short)....


Hopefully the cheque is in the post....

**figures from European Commission website

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Labour's Experian report should make for interesting reading......

So, it's Official.... Labour have totally lost control of public spending!!
Last month alone the Govt. borrowed £16.1billion - thats twice the budget for the 2012 Olympics. At this rate the interest alone would be £30 billion a year - thats £500 for EVERY Man, Women and Child in the UK. And it's only set to get worse with tax revenues taking a nose dive (down 9% last month) and unemployment heading towards 3million.
And yet, Mr Brown has been recently been making a big deal of how a Tory Govt. would cut Public spending by 10%, whereas a Labour Govt. would continue to invest in public services (yeah, cause the billions that you've thrown at Public services over the last 12yrs have made such a difference haven't they?!!)... Just 1 question Mr Brown,
More borrowing? How are you gonna pay off the debt?.... TAX RISES of course! You won't say it, but we're not fucking stupid, Mr Brown!!
So it seems to me that we have this choice...
Labour spending more money it doesn't have and then taxing us to death to pay for it...
Conservative spending less and not taxing us...

Guess where my vote goes...

BTW, in the time it took you to read this the National Debt has increased by £722,040

Have a nice day!

Could've been prevented.....

So, the Police and Council decided to do fuck all cause they thought she was 'over-reacting'.
Can't help but feel that if this poor woman and her daughter were from an 'ethnic minority', then the Police & Council would've helped out straight away....


Friday, 18 September 2009

Debt Calculator

Now I can see exactly how much debt this shite Govt has got me into.....

More Labour Hipocrisy?

If Baroness Scotland does not at least receive a £5000 fine, then it'll be even more evidence of just how bent the Labour Govt is......

One rule for us and another for them...


Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why bother working, when being on benefits can be so much better!!

New Labour has spent the last 12yrs developing a 'benefits culture' within Britain, much to the joy of council estate Chavs and illegal immigrants. With unemployment figures of 2.5million being announced yesterday and 1.61m of those being on Job Seekers Allowance it looks as though it's only going to get worse. For example:
Here in Cornwall wages are shit. The average weekly income (after tax) is £230 (UK average = £360). With the recession in full swing, wages are not likely to improve for a few years (earning rose by 1.7% in the last 3 months, the slowest growth since records began in 2001).  Also, around 31% of jobs are only part-time/seasonal (UK average = 25%).
 If I was to lose my job and go onto benefits I could get at least £190 a week. As long as I write in a stupid little book that I've been trying to get work (I don't even have to give proper evidence!) I can keep getting my benefits. Even if I get a job, as long as I work less than 16 hours,I can keep my benefits!. But what if I want to work more than that? Well this is where it gets interesting!
(If we use the national minimum wage as a bench mark, which is probably a good average for Cornwall) then, if I was to work 25hrs a week I would lose some of my benefits and would be £14 a week better off. Is £14 extra a week an incentive to work versus not working at all?!.
 Then, if I worked 30hrs a week I would lose all my benefits and would be £30 better off.
Is £30 a week extra an incentive to not working at all?!
If you have kids and/or can claim for a disability, then the incentives to go back to work are even less.
So you see, once you're on benefits the incentives to get off are not 'very good'

(figures and stats from ONS, ASHE, 2008)


Not content with charging us the highest prices for what falls out the fucking sky (to keep the sea water clean for the bastard Emmets), SWW can't even get their billing system correct. For the last year I have had to ring them up to ASK for my bill, then before they send it, I get a letter threatening 'court action' for not paying the bills that I HAVEN'T received!


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

"We pay $500 to Iraqi families for each member of their family killed by one of our missiles. It costs $10,000 to ship these units back to the US. You do the maths..."

"Sounds like a win win situation to me"

Thanks to Something Awful for the inspiration

It's wrong, but so bloody funny!!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Want a luxury holiday? - Just turn ya Kids into muderous little shits!

12 years of Labour have brought us to THIS.
If you're a parent and your kids play truant from school, you can be fined and even sent to prison (you can take your kids to school, but you can't make them stay, that's the school's job!!). However, if your kid tries to kill someone, you get a holiday paid for by the tax payer so as to protect you!!
At least I now know how I'm gonna be able to afford to go to Corfu next year.....

Labour = Wankers

Jobsworth Cocks of the day

Congratulations Southend Council....


"It's not clear exactly what the Monkeys do with the underwear once it's stolen or why they steal them in the first place"

No Comment......


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