Tuesday, 30 August 2016

BT are the worst Company......... EVER.

BT are the worst company.

Let me explain.......

In 1998 I got my first flat. I paid BT around £100 to activate my phoneline. Long story short, BT called me a liar, repeatedly, when I told them it wasn't working, my neighbour had his line cut and after 3 weeks I cancelled my order and got my money back. I vowed never to use them again.
Unfortunately, in 2009 (at a new flat) I had to ask BT to install a phoneline. The day it was supposed to be done, no one turned up. Again, BT called me a liar and claimed the Engineer had been and installed the line and that it was all working. 2 weeks later, they admitted their mistake and installed the line, but offered me no apology or compensation. But it didn't end there. 3 months later, they took £30 from my bank account for Broadband - which I didn't have!!! Once again, I was called a liar as they claimed I had a contract with them. Then, when they couldn't produce the contract, they claimed it wasn't them that took the money. A few weeks and a threat to charge them with theft later and I got my money back.
2015 and another new home. For reasons I won't bore you with, I had no choice but to go with BT for my Internet service. I decided to pay £25 for the superfast unlimited fibre. Almost immediately there were problems. I was told this was because the line needed a few weeks to 'settle' down. But, things didn't get better. In general, the speed was no better than my bog standard Sky Broadband that I'd had at my previous address, but the main issue was the constant 'dropout'. The WiFi signal would drop out for no apparent reason. After a few months, I noticed a pattern. The signal would drop out on the hour for around 7-10 minutes, then again at either half past or 20 to the hour. I made numerous phone calls to BT. Initially, they dismissed me, but then promised to carry out tests. The result of the tests was (surprise, surprise) everything was fine. More phone calls were made and then one day (after about 5 months of this shit) the BT customer service rep told me to go to the Customer forums on their website.
These Forums are run by BT Customers, but moderated by BT staff. Within 5 minutes on the forums I had my answer. Basically, it's the Hub that BT supply. It's has 2 settings - Public & Private. The private is for your home, the public for BT's open WiFi network. Every 20 minutes or so, the Hub automatically turns down your private signal to boost the public signal. I was advised the only way around it was to buy a separate Modem & Router. So, I did this, followed the instructions and......... Nothing.
The reason being, BT blocks you using your own equipment. I was given some passwords on the forums, but none worked, so out desperation, I phoned BT. I made it clear to them, unless you give me the password so that I can get a decent Internet Service (you know, the service I'm paying fucking £25 for!!!) I'll be cancelling my service as soon as my contract is up. BT's response?......... Predictably, "no we're not giving you the password" (we'd rather lose your custom).
Then, came their final insult. They tried telling me the issues with my service were my fault. Apparently there's something called "rain". This is when turning on or operating an electronic device 'interferes' with your WiFi signal.
So, I've now been with a new Provider for 6 weeks and guess what?......... Service is running fast and there has been no dropouts. Also, I'm paying less than half what BT were charging.
So, FUCK YOU BT, for being such useless twats.
 But also, THANK YOU BT, because I've now got a better service for less than half the price!!!!!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Paedophile Party win again

There is a saying, that you get the Politicians/Leaders you deserve.

Yesterday, in South Yorkshire, just 15% of those adults eligible to vote did so for their new PCC. Remember,  the reason they're voting is because the last PCC quit after the revelations of over 1400 girls being raped & abused by (mainly) gangs of Pakistani Muslim Men for at least the last 12yrs . Without doubt, the Labour Party was at the heart of the failure to protect these girls and yet yesterday, another Labour PCC was voted in with a 50% majority share.
Of the 15% who voted: 3.5% did so at a Polling station, 11.5% by post. (Now in areas that are traditionally Labour, with high immigrant populations, postal vote rigging is usually rife, but that's another story!).
 So, after 1400 of your daughters, sisters, nieces, were raped and abused, only 3.5% bothered to go out and vote?
The adults of South Yorkshire maybe fucking Cunts, but I doubt the 11,12,13yr old girls are..........

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Law is an Ass and Estate Agents are Cunts

So, the Law in this Country now states that if you want to buy Land you have to provide evidence of, not only that you have the money, but that it was gained 'legally'. However, if you're selling Land you have to provide NO EVIDENCE AT ALL THAT YOU OWN IT. Also, the Estate Agents selling the Land are under no Obligation (Legal or otherwise) to check that what they're selling is legitimate, can lie about the Land's particulars and can even NOT disclose information (that they're aware of) to potential buyers which they know would de-value it.

It's cost me the best part of £800 to find this out.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Do I still get the Wellies?.......

Our tea break chat was the usual "the job's shit, the company's shit" banter and after a brief pause I said "yeah, but you know what, Tom? I bet we'll still be here in 10 yrs doing the same shit & moaning about it".
"Not you, Rich. You'll be dead from stress by then".

I had to concede he was probably right..... 

"I don't know why you do it to yourself? why do people get so stressed? All we do is make sponge puddings....... badly".

"Well you're a fine one to talk" I countered: "You're not exactly Mr Calm are you?"

"I won't die of stress, I'll die in a high speed (motor)bike accident. Probably smack into some old dear and go flying off into a ditch at 100mph screaming....
"Tell Rich he can have my wellllllllies!!"

"Anyway" I said, "neither of us are going to die young because when you see young people who've died, on the news, they were always nice people. We're not nice. We're cunts. So we'll still be here".......

And so, several years later, on the day that Tom is laid to rest, I'm reminded that however shit things may be, there are people who would give everything just to be here............ 

And also:

1) My theory of 'only nice people die young' maybe flawed....
2) I maybe due a pair a Wellies....
3) Tom's, Quiche Vat '10year Service Award' suicide pact is still a possibility for me....

Saturday, 16 February 2013

John Cleese creates Black Hole?......

Today we may have reached an Event Horizon.

The world of free speech and more importantly, humour, may be about to disappear into a Black Hole to form a singularity of the 'professionally offended'.

After the arrest of Oscar Pistorius, John Cleese posted on Twitter that, Pistorius will claim "being legless as his defence". A pretty harmless, albeit obvious, joke. Some people, as is now the norm, took great offence (for various reasons) to his joke & sent message after message telling him so. A day later, Cleese posted an apology for his "naughty" tweet. More messages from the offended and another day later, Cleese posts the following:

" Explanation required: Someone made the comment. I said yeah we should tweet that – sarcastically. Misunderstood "

I've always admired Cleese and the rest of the Pythons because they pushed the boundaries of Comedy. They continually fought against the 'establishment' to get their material out without being censored or dumbed down incase 'people were upset or offended'.

The scene below from The Life of Brian is one of my favourites. The whole subject of the scene is so relevant today and Cleese is brilliant as the increasingly frustrated voice of reason.......

I hoped that Cleese would show some of the balls that the Python's had back in the 60s & 70s and told these offended twats to fuck the fuck off...... But, he's been beaten into an apology (of sorts).

Is this the 'Star' collapsing and therefore the start of the Black Hole.........

Monday, 15 October 2012

Now then, now then......

So an EDM in the Houses of Parliament, numerous apologetic statements from the BBC and Police.... Jimmy Savile is guilty then, yeah?
Well actually, no.
When did it become acceptable for the mass hysteria surrounding this story to be reported as FACT?. When did it become acceptable for everyone to assume someone's guiltily from 'allegations' alone?

It didn't.

But then this is different isn't it?..... because he's dead?...... No.

Because, there are a great many people who KNOW he is guilty. People who were enablers and were directly involved. A lid has been kept on this because to 'out' Jimmy years ago would've been catastrophic for those involved. Jimmy would've opened one fuck off big can of worms.
Now he's gone, it's easier for all those involved to pin it all on him.
Don't expect the investigations and inquiries to conclude anything else....

The truth is that (IMHO), Jimmy Savile was part of an elite Paedophile network.

"It was a different time a different era"
"He was a predator"
"We were naive"
"Things have changed since then"

And of course the classic......

"Lessons have been learned"


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Race Retards

First tweet looked like a joke (albeit desperate) to get a RT, turns out the Bloke was serious. Bet all the 'Black' people who suffer 'true racism' are so proud..…

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How the Jubilee Concert could've been so much better.....

Crowd chants "Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer....."
There are loud rumbling noises with echoes of gunfire and loud explosions.... Then Tom Araya screams "Chemical Warfare!!!"
Moshpit mentalness ensues.....


Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg & a hologram of Princess Diana sing "Can a Nigga get a table dance"......

Monday, 20 June 2011

Absent Fathers are no better than drink-drivers - Really?!

Dear Mr Cameron,

How would you 'define' an absent father?

Perhaps you should think about and indeed answer this question before calling on society to treat so-called 'absent fathers' as little more than scum.

Ask my ex-wife and many of her friends/associates about me and no doubt they would call me an absent father. I walked of the family home years ago, but not because I didn't want to be a father.

Yesterday (father's day), I was supposed to spend the day with my child, but according to the mother she wasn't feeling well. Maybe that was geniunely the case, or maybe the fact that 2 days before I refused to pay off some of the mother's debts had something to do with it?...........

When parents separate, the 'state' and 'law' is overwhelmingly in favor of mothers.
Mothers invaribly do not work and so receieve full legal aid. The best that fathers who work can hope for is legal help, which is based on thier disposable income. If you're earning the 'national average wage', you could receive up to £800 in legal help. With a solicitor and/or legal advisor charging £50 - £175 per hour, £10 for letters and £15 for a 20min phone call, £800 doesn't last long. This is a fact that is used and abused by mothers, who can drag out the legal processes to the extent that the fathers run out of of money long before anything can be arranged with regards to the children. With no money to be able to fund a competent solicitor, father's rights and options are near enough non-existent. There are mediation options which can be provided free and/or at a greatly reduced rate, but mothers are not compelled by law to attend - and so usually do not.
 Even if fathers have the money to take things through the courts, mothers can drag things out so that the fathers are virtually bankrupted. Then, even if an agreement is reached, the mother can just ignore it and make up all sorts of excuses as to why. The onus is then on the father to take the mother back to court - this can be upto 4 or 5 times until the courts will actually impose any threats of arrest etc on the mother (not forgetting that each time you go to court the father will have to pay, in full, for legal representation whilst the mother would get full legal aid).
 Once father's have lost thier legal options they can be systemactically removed from thier children's lives by the mother. The mother can move to the other side of the country and this can be completely funded by the state. Mothers can even move to another country - all without the father's permission. Father's can't even take their children abroad for a holiday without the mother's permission! Fathers can be banned from any involvment with thier child's education and health at the mother's behest, all supported by the local education/health authorities.

Here are some interesting facts for you:
Occurring to a man:
Be divorced 53%
Be divorced by wife using fabricated grounds 24%
Lose custody of his children 24%
Lose his home 39%
Lose a significant proportion of life savings 49%
Not receive legal aid 64%
Have false allegations made against him 58%
Be the victim of malpractice's in his legal case 87%
Suffer obstruction to contact with his children 61%
Suffer stress 83%
Will not remarry (surprise, surprise!!) 77%

Assets : man to woman - (average)
Transferred at marriage - £9913
Transferred at divorce - £18804 (that's right, women get 100% more for getting divorced!)

Then of course we have the CSA. They can take at least 15% of the father's 'take home pay' and hand it straight to the mother, even if the father has been totally cut out of thier child's life. Fair? - What would you say if I told you that you had to pay 15% of your take home pay to me to pay for my Ferrari, but you're not allowed to even see it, let alone drive it?
 Also, some men have money taken from them even though they are not the fathers. But because some woman says they're the Dad they have to pay. But what about a DNA test? I hear you cry. You need the mother's permission to have it done or (you guessed it) you have to go to court to get it done. Even then, men can still have money taken off them until the DNA results are confirmed and if it's proven that he isn't the father, there is no guarantee that he'll get his money back.

Some more interesting facts for you:
CSA father employment rate 55% (normal rate 87%)
Number of fathers unemployed because of CSA < or = 32%
Number of CSA related suicides 39 (1993-1996)
Average accuracy rate of calculated payments 34% accurate

So, Mr Cameron..... all of your 'ideas' (so far) seem to revolve around fathers being in relationships with the mother: Tax breaks for couples, relationship support to prevent breakdowns and health visitors to support families (because of course the nanny-state knows best).
So, what about when relationships - no matter what - do breakdown?
Any chance of some support for the fathers then?...........


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