Saturday, 19 September 2009

Labour's Experian report should make for interesting reading......

So, it's Official.... Labour have totally lost control of public spending!!
Last month alone the Govt. borrowed £16.1billion - thats twice the budget for the 2012 Olympics. At this rate the interest alone would be £30 billion a year - thats £500 for EVERY Man, Women and Child in the UK. And it's only set to get worse with tax revenues taking a nose dive (down 9% last month) and unemployment heading towards 3million.
And yet, Mr Brown has been recently been making a big deal of how a Tory Govt. would cut Public spending by 10%, whereas a Labour Govt. would continue to invest in public services (yeah, cause the billions that you've thrown at Public services over the last 12yrs have made such a difference haven't they?!!)... Just 1 question Mr Brown,
More borrowing? How are you gonna pay off the debt?.... TAX RISES of course! You won't say it, but we're not fucking stupid, Mr Brown!!
So it seems to me that we have this choice...
Labour spending more money it doesn't have and then taxing us to death to pay for it...
Conservative spending less and not taxing us...

Guess where my vote goes...

BTW, in the time it took you to read this the National Debt has increased by £722,040

Have a nice day!

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