Tuesday, 30 August 2016

BT are the worst Company......... EVER.

BT are the worst company.

Let me explain.......

In 1998 I got my first flat. I paid BT around £100 to activate my phoneline. Long story short, BT called me a liar, repeatedly, when I told them it wasn't working, my neighbour had his line cut and after 3 weeks I cancelled my order and got my money back. I vowed never to use them again.
Unfortunately, in 2009 (at a new flat) I had to ask BT to install a phoneline. The day it was supposed to be done, no one turned up. Again, BT called me a liar and claimed the Engineer had been and installed the line and that it was all working. 2 weeks later, they admitted their mistake and installed the line, but offered me no apology or compensation. But it didn't end there. 3 months later, they took £30 from my bank account for Broadband - which I didn't have!!! Once again, I was called a liar as they claimed I had a contract with them. Then, when they couldn't produce the contract, they claimed it wasn't them that took the money. A few weeks and a threat to charge them with theft later and I got my money back.
2015 and another new home. For reasons I won't bore you with, I had no choice but to go with BT for my Internet service. I decided to pay £25 for the superfast unlimited fibre. Almost immediately there were problems. I was told this was because the line needed a few weeks to 'settle' down. But, things didn't get better. In general, the speed was no better than my bog standard Sky Broadband that I'd had at my previous address, but the main issue was the constant 'dropout'. The WiFi signal would drop out for no apparent reason. After a few months, I noticed a pattern. The signal would drop out on the hour for around 7-10 minutes, then again at either half past or 20 to the hour. I made numerous phone calls to BT. Initially, they dismissed me, but then promised to carry out tests. The result of the tests was (surprise, surprise) everything was fine. More phone calls were made and then one day (after about 5 months of this shit) the BT customer service rep told me to go to the Customer forums on their website.
These Forums are run by BT Customers, but moderated by BT staff. Within 5 minutes on the forums I had my answer. Basically, it's the Hub that BT supply. It's has 2 settings - Public & Private. The private is for your home, the public for BT's open WiFi network. Every 20 minutes or so, the Hub automatically turns down your private signal to boost the public signal. I was advised the only way around it was to buy a separate Modem & Router. So, I did this, followed the instructions and......... Nothing.
The reason being, BT blocks you using your own equipment. I was given some passwords on the forums, but none worked, so out desperation, I phoned BT. I made it clear to them, unless you give me the password so that I can get a decent Internet Service (you know, the service I'm paying fucking £25 for!!!) I'll be cancelling my service as soon as my contract is up. BT's response?......... Predictably, "no we're not giving you the password" (we'd rather lose your custom).
Then, came their final insult. They tried telling me the issues with my service were my fault. Apparently there's something called "rain". This is when turning on or operating an electronic device 'interferes' with your WiFi signal.
So, I've now been with a new Provider for 6 weeks and guess what?......... Service is running fast and there has been no dropouts. Also, I'm paying less than half what BT were charging.
So, FUCK YOU BT, for being such useless twats.
 But also, THANK YOU BT, because I've now got a better service for less than half the price!!!!!

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