Thursday, 25 February 2010

Don't let them take anymore of your money!!

This, Govt. is out to fuck as much money out of you as they can. Through every possible avenue that they can. Don't take it, stand up to the bastards.......

I bought a car last year at the beginning of September. 2 weeks later, I get a letter confirming I no longer am the registered owner of my Audi, so I phone the DVLA and ask where the V5C is for my new car. I am told that I need to allow 28days for it to arrive. So, on the 1st of Oct I call to ask where my V5C is. This time I am told to wait a few more weeks, because there are delays due to the postal strikes. Admittedly I completely forget all about it until a week ago!
So, again, I phone the DVLA & ask them where my V5C is:

DVLA: it was sent to you on the 1st Sept, Sir
Me: Why when I phoned in Sept was I told that it would take upto 28 days?
DVLA: It can take upto 28 days, Sir. But, your V5 was sent on the 1st Sept.
Me: Well I didn't get it, can you send another?
DVLA: Yes, certainly. It will cost £25 and will take upto 20 days.
Me: (choking on my tea) £25!!..... for a bit of paper!! And, why will it take upto 20 days?. What time on the 1st of Sept was my V5C sent?
DVLA: I don't know, Sir. Why, is that important?
Me: Yes, cause whenever I ask for something from you it takes upto 20/28 days for you to do it, but you're expecting me to believe that you sent my original V5 out on the 1st of Sept?
DVLA: Yes, Sir we did.
Me: That's funny, cause I didn't buy the car until after 3pm on the 1st of Sept........ So you see, the time that you sent it is important......
DVLA: I'm sorry, I don't have a time. Just a date, the 1st of Sept. Have you moved since that date, Sir?
Me: No, why?
DVLA: Well, I could take a card payment for £25 now & get the replacement sent today.
Me: I'm not paying £25. Could you please send me the proof of posting for the original V5 and I'll take it up with the post office, they can pay the £25.
DVLA: Sorry, Sir we don't have the proof of posting.
Me: Sooooo, you expect me to believe that you sent the original V5 the very same day that I bought the car, even though I was told that it would take upto 28 days, and you have no proof that it was even sent....... and now you want me to pay £25 for a replacement?........
DVLA:................Um.................Okay.......... On this occassion as a goodwill gesture, we'll send you a replacement free of charge

Fuck 'em & their laws.....

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