Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I believe that there are certain situations where it should be legal to punch someone squarely in the face.
Here is one such situation......

During my long sentence in supermarkets (punishment for fucking around in school), there were many things that pissed me off...... usually to do with retarded customers.

The one thing that regularly yanked my chain occured at the milk section.

When it comes to shopping for food & drink there are certain brands/flavours that you will always buy; no matter what. For example, I always buy Pepsi. I'm not exactly sure why, but given a choice I will always go for Pepsi. It is extremely rare to see me buying/drinking Coca Cola.
 Some of these specific preferences can be based on influences from our parents, childhood, friends, advertising or; are quite simply down to persoanl taste.
I've always thought that milk is one of those things that people have a specific preference for. When you ask someone what milk they buy 99% of the time they will give you one variety. For me it's whole milk. Always has been. When I go shopping for milk I go straight to the blue top bottles and grab what I need.
Which is why I don't understand, WHY do people have to spend ages staring at the milk section? There are 3 fucking choices. Red. Green. Blue.
I bet you've drank the same milk for nearly all your life, but still you have to spend 2 minutes staring at the milk section TRYING TO FUCKING DECIDE!!

Thank you.

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