Saturday, 17 July 2010

A poem.... of sorts....

So, this week at work I've received (from colleagues) the same email several times purporting to be a poem written by a cancer sufferer, with the usual "pass this on and each time you do £1 will go to cancer research, blah, blah...... I'm sure you know, as well as I do, that nearly all these emails are spammy, scammy crap.
 I did question wether the twats sending these emails should be disciplined under the Company's email policy for sending spam. I was told I was being 'tight' and it was 'okay'. However, when I suggested that I may start sending pornographic pictures out and claiming they were taken by a cancer sufferer, I was told I'd probably be sacked - fucking double standards!!
Anyway, this all got me to thinking about writing a poem. Quite frankly, I couldn't be arsed, so here's a little something that I wrote earlier........ about 20 years earlier as a protest against having to write poems (the idea being that I would write something so fucked up that I wouldn't be asked to write a poem again!!)

Sea of Eternal Sleep

I lie awake and dream.
A sea of darkness creeps over my body.
Waves of black slumber wash into my head
flooding my mind with cold fatigue.

I float out into vast emptiness.
I look back to see myself,
lying on the sands of reality; except it's not me.
It's not me anymore, it's just a shell.
A shell completely vacuous.
Frozen by death's touch.

My shell is surrendured to the earth,
presented in a simple wooden box.
Friends grieve and say goodbye
I'll see them soon. Not in this world
but in the next.
I hope they're not late!

People dressed in black stand along the shore.
They cry and I myself begin to cry.
But I cry tears of joy and relief,
for I have been set free, from my empty,
hopeless, dreamless life;
where happiness was welcome, but never came.

I now travel to my new world.
It's called Hell, but I shall call it Heaven.
This world yields dark hopes and evil dreams.
Happiness will still be welcome
and I'm sure it will come.
Black and cold, but it will come.

I lie awake and dream.
(My tears of joy and relief have passed)
Waiting to reach the place
which will be my new home.
A place which can only be reached on-
the Sea of Eternal Sleep

Unsurprisingly it didn't work.

Pass this on to all your friends and £1 will be donated each time to the Angry Ginger Monkey Charity.......

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