Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pervert jailed over slurry fetish

Missed this one - God knows how!
Not Much more I can add to this, so I'll just give you the story in full......

A PERVERT who gets a sexual kick out of slurry has been jailed for breaching a restraining order banning him from a farm where he indulges his fetish.

David Truscott, of Close Hill, Redruth, was jailed in September after climbing into a muck spreader vehicle at a farm in Redruth. He was found in slurry and jailed for 16 weeks at Truro Crown Court. The 40-year-old was released in mid October.
A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police yesterday confirmed Truscott had been re-arrested in the early hours of November 9 when he was found by police sitting in manure at the same farm. He is understood to have told police he went to the farm with a view to rolling around in a muck spreader. He was seen by the farmer who called in police and Truscott was arrested at 5.10am.
He was charged with breaching the terms of a restraining order imposed by Truro Crown Court in September and jailed for 20 weeks.
A police spokesman said it was an extremely rare crime and police were doing everything they could to deal with the repeat offender.
"This is a very unusual type of crime and we appreciate it's going on for so long is very frustrating for the family concerned," he said.
Truscott was jailed for three years in 2005 after admitting causing three fires at the same farm the previous year.
The first fire destroyed a barn and bailer causing £3,300 of damage. Two months later there was a second fire in another barn. Although only £50 of damage was caused to the barn, a cow valued at £800 died from effects of smoke inhalation. The third fire occurred on a tractor in another barn but little damage was caused.

The court heard Truscott led a lonely, isolated existence and had peculiar habits. He was said to be a man of low intelligence who had committed arson out of frustration when he could not indulge his fetish for manure.



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