Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Warning: Having a negative opinion of Homosexuality is 'deeply offensive'

Oh great!!

Even if the Tories win, it looks like your right to politely express an opinion which others disagree with will be considered 'offensive' & will probably be illegal or some sort of 'hate crime'....... Political correctness still going mad!!

I agree & disagree with some of what Philip Lardner said, but it's certainly not offensive*.

  Insulting, disgusting, aggressive, impolite, improper.......

Admittedly, some people will find his comments offensive, but lets face it, no matter what you say about anything, someone will find it offensive.

Are the poofs & poofettes not offended or patronised by this kind of response, everytime someone expresses a dislike of homosexuality?!.....

At this rate it's not the Chinese that we need to worry about ruling the world, it's the 'gayers'......

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