Sunday, 25 April 2010

Elvis - just as dead as Labour..... Gordon Brown's attempt at irony?.....

Alternative post title:  One King turns up to support another........ (f-King wanker, that is)

So Elvis turned up at a Labour thing......

Not sure what was exactly on the play list, but Suspicious Minds would've been a good choice......

We're caught in a trap - I'm unemployed and on benefits
I can't walk out - cause living on benefits is better than working
Because I love you too much baby - benefits

Why can't you see - cause you've only got 1 eye?
What you're doing to me - turning me & my generation into welfare junkies
When you don't believe a word I say? - when I keep sending back you're leaflets, telling you you're shit

We can't go on together - cause you're ruining my country
With suspicious minds - I don't fucking trust ANY of you MPs, especially Labour ones
And we can't build our dreams - cause we're skint & strangled by red tape
On suspicious minds - again, I don't fucking trust you!

So, if an old friend I know - the Tories
Drops by to say hello - I may just (tactically) vote for them!!
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes? - Probably, they're just as bent as you!!

Here we go again - Election time!
Asking where I've been - NO, but you've been telling me how wonderful things have been in the last 13years!
You can't see these tears are real - cause you won't accept you've fucked us all over
I'm crying - that's right! 13 yrs of your shit have brought me to tears


Oh let our love survive - errr, no thanks! Let our love go into an NHS hospital and die from MRSA, cause the Muslim nurse refused to follow procedures cause her religion is more important than anyone's life.....
Or dry the tears from your eyes - No don't!! I want to see you crying when you finish 3rd.....
Let's don't let a good thing die - but this wasn't a good thing, so please let it fucking die!!

When honey, you know - yeah, go on I'm listening.....
I've never lied to you - YOU FUCKING WHAT!??!
mmm, yeah...... - exactly......

Apologies to the King!

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