Thursday, 1 October 2009

Blurring the lines between good & bad, for the sake of Consumerism?

So, the Nazis were bad..... Right?
They killed 6million people for being Jewish, countless others for being homosexual or Political opponents.
They killed 3million Poles & (upto) 20million Soviets when trying to expand the German 'Empire(?)' to the East.
They developed an 'Authoritarian' state..... "Ein Volk (one people), Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer (one leader)"  and rapidly became a dictatorship through 'Gleichschaltung'.
So, it was only right that we should go over there and kick their arses when they wouldn't leave Poland alone. (Ironically leaving them to the Russians after WW2).

Saddam Hussien and the Ba'ath Party, they were bad..... Right?
He ordered the deaths of thousands of Politcal opponents.
He was (alledgedly) behind the gassing of thousands of Kurds in the late 80s.

But, The Chinese Communist Party, they're okay..... Right?

"How many died as a result of persecutions and the policies of Mao? Perhaps you care to guess? Many people over the years have attempted to guess. But they have always underestimated. As more data rolled in during the 1980s and 1990s, and specialists have devoted themselves to investigations and estimates, the figures have become ever more reliable. And yet they remain imprecise. What kind of error term are we talking about? It could be as low as 40 million. It could be as high as 100 million or more. In the Great Leap Forward from 1959 to 1961 alone, figures range between 20 million to 75 million. In the period before, 20 million. In the period after, tens of millions more."
Well, if they're making us cheap shit, who cares...... Right?

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