Monday, 12 October 2009

Fuck me! You just don't get it, do you?!
MPs have threatened to throw out a report into the expenses scandal by Sir Thomas Legg, who was appointed by the leaders of all three main political parties to review claims, and who will send letters to all members today telling them how much he calculates they have overclaimed in the last five years.

I do not claim to speak for the 'general public', but I'm fairly certain that my feelings/views on the 'Expenses' scandal are shared by many. Which is.....


I accept that some of you need certain expenses to be able to perform your duties, but expenses for gardening, cleaning, widescreen TVs, toilet seats, porn films & a fecking Duck House, do you really need these to do your job.... NO!

MPs say that Sir Thomas has exceeded his brief by setting an arbitrary annual limit of £1,000 for gardening claims and £2,000 for cleaning. No such limits were in force at the time they lodged their claims, which were approved by the Commons Fees Office.

“On one level, I can understand the reaction, because, remember, they claimed these allowances and expenses against the then existing rules. They did it honestly and fairly. The House of Commons authorities and Fees Office approved what they had done".
It doesn't matter to me if Sir Legg has exceeded his brief or that what you claimed was acceptable and authorised 2,3 or 4 years ago, what matters is wether it was an honest and fair way to utilise the public's money!
Sir Stuart Bell told the BBC they were examining a basis for a challenge. “If there is a suggestion that Sir Thomas is not abiding by the rules and standards at the time, I think the public would accept that some breach of fairness there is not actually proper for our MPs,”
Oh, SIR Bell(***), you are sooooooooooooo wrong!! I certainly will NOT accept it, as your beloved 'rules and standards at the time', were a complete crock of shit drawn up and ratified by greedy bastard MPs to see how much they could screw the tax-payers, to line their own pockets.

Perhaps a fairer way to sort this out, would be for each MP to reveal to thier constituents what their letter says and let them decide wether they(the MPs) should do what the letter says or challenge it. After all an MP is......
a representative of the voters...
It seems as though many of you have forgotten this and are only representing yourselves..........

UPDATE: So it's okay to take £60,000+ of our money (by what is tantamount to Fraud) as long as you say sorry?!


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