Saturday, 10 October 2009

Is it okay to be racist at the BBC?....

All depends on how you apologise.......

Seeing as I (and millions of others) pay their fucking wages, I would expect the BBC to be unbiased, fair and to some extent, represent the Public's views and opinions. The recent bullshit over the 'Strictly race row', proves just how far from my expectations they really are....

Carol Thatcher was dropped by the BBC earlier this year (after an off-air comment) because of:
the nature of her apology, with the BBC feeling she had missed the point in claiming it had all been a joke.
As far as I'm aware, at the time nobody made a complaint about Thatcher's comment, but over 2000 people complained about the BBC dropping her.

Now we have Anton Du Beke and his 'Paki' comment, who has this excuse:
"During the course of rehearsals Laila and I have exchanged a great deal of banter entirely in jest, and two weeks ago there was an occasion when this term was used between the two of us"
And, according to the BBC it's okay because;
Anton Du Beke has apologised unreservedly to Laila Rouass who has accepted his apology.
Even the Coffin-Dodger says it's all fine!!

Interesting to note, that at this point the BBC has received nearly 500 complaints about Anton's comment......

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