Saturday, 17 October 2009

How close is 'dangerously' close?.....

Don't ask David Wilshire, he obviously has NO idea.......

David Wilshire, the Conservative MP who paid more than £100,000 of expenses to his own company, has complained that he works “dangerously close” to working the minimum wage.
It has emerged that Mr Wilshire complained about his MP’s salary and long hours to trainee journalists at a meeting in Westminster this week.

“I work 60 to 70 hours a week some weeks,” he said, according to various reports.

“When you look at what I earn, it comes dangerously close to working out as the minimum wage.”

MPs Salary = £65,000 (that's basic - without the expenses!)
Number of weeks (a year) spent at Westminster = 21
21wks x 70hrs = 1470hrs
65000 / 1470 = £44.22 an hour
National Minimum Wage = £5.80

Even if he worked 70hrs every week of the year, his hourly rate would still work out at £17.86
He would have to work 200 hours a week to be close to the minimum wage!!

Yet another fat greedy fucking bastard who has no idea about what life is like for the people that he supposedly represents......

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