Thursday, 15 October 2009

Shhhh....... It's the 'R' word........

So how much of our money has been spent on this pointless case?
BNP leader Nick Griffin has agreed to ask his party to amend its constitution so it does not discriminate on grounds of race or religion, a court heard.
Although I would agree with the Equality and Human Rights Commission that 'everyone' has to obey the law, was this case really necessary? Even the Judge pointed out the obvious.....
"the judge said no evidence had been presented to suggest many people from ethnic minorities wanted to join the BNP"
Seriously, if you were from an 'ethnic minority' and not born in the UK would you really want to join the BNP? (I'm white & British and I don't want to join the BNP!)
 It seems as though Nick Griffin's claim that this case was brought simply to try and bankrupt the BNP due to the legal bills, may not be too far from the truth(?)......

And then we have this...

What a ridiculous statement to make! Does she even know the true definition of racism/racist?

Jo Brand is a Labour supporter and what she says is important, because it reflects the beliefs of this Labour Govt. They have practically made it impossible for the White Christian majority of this country to celebrate thier religion/ethnicity for fear of 'offending' others and anyone who voices concerns over this is branded a racist.

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